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Hanergy America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanergy Holding Group, focuses on commercial and large scale solar photovoltaic project development. We are dedicated to provide low cost solar energy to our utility customers and end users of America Market. We believe that Hanergy’s current excellent strategic layout and the unique experience in clean energy technologies, such as wind power and hydropower, will lead us to success. With Hanergy group’s current outstanding strategic layout and the rich and unique experiences in clean energy technologies such as wind power and hydropower, we are confident that it will be the cornerstone of our success.

Hanergy America also believes in team-work. Win-win cooperation with our partners is the key developing strategies for America market. We focus on the cooperation with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and players like developer, EPCs, investors and land owners.


The mission of Hanergy America is to develop, invest and operate solar projects for the benefit of the stakeholders, the clients, the employees and the world we live on.
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