Hanergy America develops and operates solar power plants, with the goal of generating cost-effective and reliable clean energy for our customers.  We have experience optimizing plant performance - from the planning and design stages through operations - by deploying proprietary high efficiency thin-film panels and employing value enhancing asset management capabilities.  Our experienced team of project developers, engineers, and other professionals focuses on maximizing plant returns throughout acquisition, development and delivery of project to the following industry segments:

Our Project Development team works directly with project stakeholders and independent developers to develop, acquire or joint-venture on solar projects utilizing our module technology and meeting our project size and risk profile.  Hanergy America’s development capabilities include:

Distributed Generation

Hanergy America offers its commercial and government customers the ability to start benefiting from clean renewable energy without any upfront cost.  Our team adheres to the highest standards to construct, maintain and operate the solar equipment to deliver a reliable solution and to maximize energy and value to our customers.  Hanergy America’s strong parent company and access to advanced module technology provides a unique partner for your next solar project.

We offer the following financing options for our project partners:

Utility Scale Ground Mount

Hanergy America works with industry-leading power plant developers to bring clean, reliable, and economic solar power to the grid.  We partner with developers to bring utility-scale projects to commissioning by purchasing pre-constructed plants, partnering to bid into power purchase agreement tenders, and in some cases contributing development capital to greenfield projects.  Our team focuses on mid to late stage development opportunities across our served geographies.  Hanergy America is uniquely suited to participate in projects requiring a strong development partner, module technology or access to long term capital.


BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)

The increasing demands for a comfortable environment have caused larger energy consumption from heating and air conditioning of the buildings and triggered a public call for carbon reduction. Through integrating solar power generation products to flat and slanted roof-tops, curtain walls and ceilings, BIPV can bring to you green office and residential buildings, help to reduce the carbon footprints, and produce benefits from solar power generation. In this way, your buildings will have greater social values and represent brand-new green ideas.


Geographies Served

Hanergy America maintains office in California.  In addition, we have the ability to source projects in other geographies.  For more information, please contact Hanergy America at (650) 288-3722 or [email protected].  


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