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Solibro Achieves 20.5% Efficiency for CIGS Solar Cell

Chinese solar company Hanergy Solar Group Ltd. announced that its solar cells relying on Solibro CIGS thin-film technology have achieved a conversion efficiency of 20.5%. The results were certified by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Solibro’s CIGS thin-film solar cells had achieved a conversion efficiency of 19.6% in December. At the time, the results were certified by Germany-based independent research institute Fraunhofer Institute. In October, the company also reported that its commercially available glass PV modules relying on MiaSole CIGS thin-film technology had achieved a conversion efficiency of 15.5%. These results were certified by Intertek and UL. Hanergy Solar acquired US-based CIGS producer MiaSole Inc. and Sweden-based thin-film solar technology company Solibro Research from its holding company, Hanergy Holdings Group, in September. Hanergy Holdings had acquired MiaSole in January 2013 and Solibro in late 2012. Hanergy Solar said that with these acquisitions, it aims to become the global leader in CIGS thin-film technologies. In September, Hanergy Solar said it »is now equipped with two mainstream CIGS technologies, namely the co-evaporation manufacturing process adopted by Solibro and Sputtering manufacturing process adopted by MiaSole, and is well positioned to create the world's leading CIGS flexible thin film technology going forward.© PHOTON

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